Friday, March 31, 2023

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The NHL Is Not Planning To Get Bigger

Thirty two teams sounds about right  to Bettman. For hockey consumers living in Québec City, Houston or even Hartford hoping the National Hockey League brings...

Tempe Arizona Residents Will Decide If They Want An Arena-Village

There will be a May referendum. It is now onto a May 16th, 2023 vote by Tempe, Arizona residents in the continuing saga of the...

Phoenix And Airport Officials Will Interfere In Tempe Arena Vote

The NHL's Arizona Coyotes Ownership Wants A Tempe Arena It seems very likely that Tempe, Arizona elected officials will approve the National Hockey League’s Arizona...

Sky Harbor Airport And Phoenix Don’t Want A Tempe Arena

Competition and a change in flight patterns are reasons that could be cited. For different reasons, neither Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona nor the...