Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Florida Officials Told Student Diversion Programs Often Work

The school district where the Florida high school massacre happened defended its controversial student diversion program Thursday, telling a commission investigating the shooting that the program has reduced on-campus crime and kept children in school — a claim many members remained skeptical of.

Deputy Says Parkland Shooting Went Too Fast To Be Scared

The former sheriff's deputy who's been called a coward for his actions during a mass shooting at a Florida high school said he's haunted by what happened but he had no time to be scared because everything unfolded so quickly.

Parkland School Shooting Suspect Foretold Intention In Videos

In chilling cellphone videos released Wednesday, the suspect in a February massacre at a Florida high school announced his intention to become the next school shooter, aiming to kill at least 20 people and saying "you're all going to die."

Florida School Districts Say To Leave Backpacks At Home

Several Florida school districts are telling students to leave their backpacks at home during the final days of the school year. A north Florida school district announced Thursday that students would not be allowed to bring backpacks next week.

Students Begin School Walkouts On Columbine Anniversary

Students from Florida to Chicago started streaming out of their schools Friday in the latest round of gun-control activism following the February shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

BREAKING: 1 Injured, Suspect In Custody In Ocala School Shooting

One student shot another in the ankle at Forest High School in Ocala and a suspect is in custody, authorities said Friday.

Joke School Threats Prompt Hillsborough PSA

The Hillsborough Country Sheriff's Office released a video this week in response to a rash of students in Florida and across the country making joking "threats" against their schools that cause real reactions.

Chris Ingram on David Hogg’s Calls For Laura Ingraham Boycott

Sentiment against Ingraham is intensifying Chris Ingram shares his opinions on David Hogg calling for a boycott of Laura Ingraham's advertisers after she called him...

Life Support Ending For ‘Brain Dead’ School Shooting Victim

Was shot on Tuesday A teenage girl was brain dead days after being shot when a classmate opened fire inside their Maryland high school and...

Chris Ingram on School Walkouts

Is it a protest if the administration encourages it? Wednesday's school walkouts in protest of gun violence produced a range of responses from people of...