Friday, September 17, 2021



APTOPIX Sept 11 Anniversary

9/11 Anniversary Met With Somber Tributes As Trump Speaks At PA...

Americans looked back on 9/11 Tuesday with tears and somber tributes as President Donald Trump hailed "the moment when America fought back" on one of the hijacked planes used as weapons in the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil.

Trump Points Finger At Session As A Reason The GOP Could...

Showing his disregard for Attorney General Jeff Sessions and  his own Justice Department’s independence, President Donald Trump tweeted that federal indictments against two Republican congressmen placed the GOP in midterm election jeopardy.

Don’t Expect DeSantis to Stray Far from Donald Trump

It was a Trump rally on July 31 in Tampa, which happens to be the state’s largest media market, that helped propel DeSantis to the win.

In Florida It’s Gillum Vs. DeSantis – Trump Vs. Sanders With...

Gillum is a true Progressive who was endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). He is for repealing the state's controversial Stand Your Ground law, Medicare for all and raising the minimum wage.
McCain honored

Finally President Trump Issues A Formal Statement On The Death Of...

Trump and McCain have feuded for years. Trump tweeted about McCain after his death Saturday but has passed up several chances to comment publicly on the Arizona senator.
Dan on ABC7

Dan Maduri On 7 News At 7: “I Think The Media...

Dan Maduri, host of Florida Live on AM 820 News Tampa Bay and 98.3 FM Pinellas County appeared on Wednesday night's ABC7 News At 7 broadcast as part of a roundtable discussion to discuss America's growing political divide.

Cohen Pleads Guilty, Trump Could Be An UNINFECTED Co-Conspirator

Cohen, his voice shaky as he answered questions from a federal judge, said one payment was “in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office,” and the other was made “under direction of the same candidate.”

Trump Is Pushing Out Moderate Republicans

Republicans like Tim Pawlenty, a former two-term Minnesota governor who lost this week’s bid for a political comeback while others sit out and wait.

Ron DeSantis Has a President’s Hand on His Shoulder

President Donald Trump, who owns and frequents the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, has had a huge impact in the Aug. 28 GOP primary. And the beneficiary has been U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, a three-term Republican congressman from Northeast Florida.

Trump Has An Important Lesson For ALL Republican Candidates.

Trump is sorry that the Republicans are not properly selling the economy to voters, which is why the president found it necessary to show candidates how to do it