In Florida It’s Gillum Vs. DeSantis – Trump Vs. Sanders With A National Audience

The Far Right DeSantis Vs. The Far Left Gillum – Battle to Win Florida

Democrat Andrew Gillum faces Republican Ron DeSantis with the winner becoming the next governor of Florida. The subtext is President Donald Trump takes on Sen. Bernie Sanders as both extremes of the Republican and Democratic Party will be squaring off in what will be one of the most entertaining political battles in the history of Florida politics.

Both men will work hard to energize the base while at the same time doing all they can to land a large part of the 28 percent of Florida voters who are Independents.

Moderate Republicans and Democrats were left on the sidelines as GOP “Golden Boy,” Adam Putnam and Democratic front-runner Gwen Graham were left wondering what just hit them. The Party of Trump has moved into the Sunshine State while Progressive Democrats are saying bring it on!

Gillum is a true Progressive who was endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). He is for repealing the state’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, Medicare for all and raising the minimum wage. He won with an Obama like ground game that included the Parkland kids, college students, African Americans, Florida’s growing Puerto Rican population and Progressive white voters.

DeSantis has President Trump’s backing is a member of the ultra-Conservative Congressional Freedom Caucus, which wanted to shut down the federal government rather than compromise on an omnibus spending package.

DeSantis is against a carbon tax, which many believe could help curb global warming. He is quick in blaming Florida’s sugar industry for polluting Lake Okeechobee and causing the algae blooms in rivers running east and west.

Both men got congratulatory shout-outs from their biggest supporters. For Gillum it was a statement from Bernie Sanders that cheered his victory.

Sanders said Gillum had “laid out a vision for a new course for the state of Florida and our country.” Billionaire donor Tom Steyer also endorsed Gillum and spent on his behalf, and on Tuesday called his win “further proof that when Democrats put forward candidates that tell the truth and embrace a bold vision for the future, they win.”

As you might expect DeSantis was praised by President Trump via Twitter.

In the weeks leading up to the November election look for Gillum to get plenty of money from out of state. Steyer, George Soros, and fellow member of the billionaire’s club Michael Bloomberg will be a few of Gillum’s financial backers, not counting the Democratic National Committee who already had planned on a major investment in Florida.

DeSantis financial backing is expected to come from the Republican National Committee, there will be deep pocked GOP donors for him but that will take a little time.

For DeSantis he will have plenty of Trump visits that will boost his profile and help him get the cash he needs. It is unclear what other Republican politicians will be on the stump for DeSantis but he will land them.

Over on Gillum side look for Bernie Sanders and former President Barack Obama to make many campaign stops for him between now and November. New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is likely to be on hand as is a key early backer of Congressman Gillum, Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) will be on hand to help pull together the Puerto Rico vote in Central Florida for Gillum.

This will be one amazing battle for Florida that you can bet will help set the tone for 2020.


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