Summer 2015: Busiest Ever For Air Travel

The data has been analyzed, and your plane is bound to be even more crowded, as the airlines are expecting this summer to be the busiest for air travel in U.S. history. An estimated 222 million travelers between now and August 31, according to the industry group Airlines for America, which is 5 million more than the previous record set in 2007, just before the Great Recession.

Also, some 2.4 million daily travelers will be on international flights, also a record.

Also, we all know by now that airlines have some of the most sophisticated computerized pricing algorithms anywhere, and occasionally, some crazy prices pop up, like one for $75 for a round trip to Germany from Dallas. The trick is, knowing when one of these wacky, unadvertised, one-shot deals pop up for a location that interests you…. and Rick tells you how to get alerts sent right to your smartphone.

Rick Seaney has what fare bargains are out there right now from your local airport.