World’s First Flying Car, Aeromobil, To Be Debuted In Australia

In the past few years, people have been speculating that flying cars are ever-closer to being a reality. Now, there’s even more evidence to prove this. The world’s first flying car could be just around the corner.

According to the Daily Mail, a car called the AeroMobil can fly 430 miles on a tank of normal gas and can reach 124 mph. It can fit into a normal parking space when it’s wings are folded in. It’s said to be introduced on October 29th at the Pioneers Festival in Austria. The firm making the car is calling it “production ready.”

The model is the third generation of it’s kind.

“We have been developing the concept of a flying car since 1990,” says Tatiana Veber, an AeroMobil spokesman. “Our first model looked quite bizarre and it would have problems in the regular use. That was a signal to improve the concept of the flying car in a way to become an integral part of the regular road traffic.”

“We got a positive feedback from several experts in avionics, which appreciated design and the technical solution of the process of transformation. The car is constructed to be fuelled at regular gas stations using the fuel for Rotax 912 ULS engine.”

Aeromobil is not perfect, the wings fold into the backseat during car mode, but it will be premiered.