Woman Arrested for Almost Throwing Her Baby Off a Sea Wall

Clearwater Police have arrest 39-year-old Lydia M. Chako, and charged her with child abuse for wanting to throw her 3 month old off a sea wall.

The property manager of the apartment Chako lived in on 1209 N. Osceola Ave called police when she noticed that the apartment was flooded.

The manager found Chako inside making bizarre comments and throwing things about the apartment.

Chako made statements that she believed there were lizards and snakes on her 3 month old baby and that she was keeping the demons out.

Chacko then left the apartment on foot carrying the baby by his feet.

When police finally arrived, they found Chako at the dead end of Palm Bluff standing on the sea wall half naked holding the baby.

The officers were able to distract her long enough to grab the baby from her; she was quickly taken into custody after a brief struggle.

Chako made statements to the officers that led them to believe she intended to throw the baby in the water.

The baby was unharmed and was taken into custody by Child Protective Investigators.