Video: School Bus Crashes Into Home

Terri Pettiford was driving a school bus down Panhandle Road in Hampton, Georgia when a red car suddenly hit her after the car crossed the double yellow line. It’s all caught on the bus’ security camera.

The force of the impact caused Pettiford to veer off the road, taking out a mailbox and a tree, slammning right into Barbra Essinger’s garage.

After the crash you can hear a very panicked woman, most likely that of Essinger, who was laying on her couch.

“I thought it was an explosion and we got the aftershock,” Essinger said.

But the Essingers aren’t blaming the bus driver. They say she actually probably saved lives, and school district leaders concur.

“It could have been easily a much worse incident…all the bus driver could do was hold onto the steering wheel and just try to maintain as much control as she could.”

Luckily, no one was on the bus and no one was injured in the accident. Pettiford had just dropped off students after a volleyball game and was heading back to the bus barn.