USF Student Arrested For False Robbery Accusation Received Threats

The Student Who Lied About Being Robbed Received Threats On Election Night

On Wednesday the University of South Florida police arrested the student who made filed a false report about being robbed on the USF Tampa campus. That same student was one of four who reported receiving threatening texts in their dorm rooms on election night.

Fatou Gueye, 19, was charged with filing a false police report in connection with a robbery she reported.

The so said robbery happened on Tuesday at about 9:15 p.m. near the  Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISA). USF police responded to the scene after receiving the call of a strong armed robbery.

Photo: Hillsborough County Jail booking photo.
Photo: Hillsborough County Jail booking photo.

Gueye told police she was approached by two white men in their early 20’s who took her jewelry as she was walking towards ISA. The men began talking to her then physically took her backup off causing her necklace to fall to the ground.

A USF alert text message was sent out to students Tuesday night after the robbery took place.

On Wednesday during a follow up interview with police Gueye admitted to making the robbery up and that no crime was actually committed. She was arrested and bonded out at about 12:45 a.m. Thursday morning.

Police revealed on Thursday that Gueye was one of four students that reported receiving threatening messages inside their USF residence hall rooms on Election Night.

At this time police are still investigating that incident and it is unclear if that was a false report as well.

Crime At USF This Month

This is the second robbery report at USF in the past month. In early November a student prank robbed a pizza delivery man with a toy gun. Despite it being a toy gun that student was also arrested and taken to Orient Road Jail on a charge of armed robbery.

During election time the university also had incidents of racial slurs and threats made towards Hillary Clinton. That case is still being investigated by USF police.