Police Chase Ends With Suspects In Ditch Off Interstate 4

Suspects End Up In Ditch Following Police Chase

A police chase involving Hillsborough County deputies and an SUV carrying burglary suspects ended in unusual circumstances off of Interstate 4.

Deputies were pursuing an SUV after reports of lawn equipment theft in the area around Interstate 75 were called in.

According to the deputies, three suspects broke into a garage at 9825 Sorbonne Loop in Seffner to steal the reported lawn equipment. The Sheriff’s Office was alerted when a neighbor witnessed the whole incident and called.

As the suspects were leaving the scene they drove past deputy cruisers. The deputies followed them and a slow-speed chase ensued. According to Fox 13’s SkyFOX, the SUV appeared to drive off westbound Interstate 4, then down into a ditch at the Orient Road exit.

The suspects tried to escape deputies once off the interstate, but the SUV became stuck in mud once it hit the ditch.

Deputies searched the vehicle for evidence where they found at least one handgun and clip on the hood of the vehicle.

Two suspects have been arrested at this point, but the search for the third suspect is still on going. Deputies believe the third suspect is nearby.

Photo: Fox 13
Photo: Fox 13

Two patrol cars appear to be stuck in the mud near the suspect’s vehicle after following the SUV’s route off the interstate.

Traffic along Interstate 4 westbound is backed up at this point.

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