Bay Area Subway, Cody’s Original Roadhouse Temporarily Closed Due To Roaches, Rodents

Inspectors Order The Temporary Closing Of Subway And Cody’s Original Roadhouse In The Bay Area

Bay area residents hungry for a Meatball Marina or steak and bottomless salad bowls were disappointed to find the doors of Cody’s Original Roadhouse in St. Petersburg and a Subway in Tampa locked and closed.

In fact, the reasons why these two restaurants were ordered to temporarily close may sway customers from ever eating there again. The Subway at 441 North Armenia Avenue was closed after state inspectors found evidence of rodents in the kitchen.

Inspectors found over 135 rodent droppings next to the walk-in freezer and under shelves, racks, and pallets in the storage area on Friday March 17.

Even more disturbing, rodent nesting materials were also discovered under storage racks and wood rotting outside the back of the building, which is where rodents and other pests are getting in.

Rodents were the biggest violation for Subway, but while there inspectors also found fly sticky tape hanging over the bread rack, hot water not provided and shut off at the employee’s hand wash sink where employees were not washing their hands, and employees working without required training certificates.

Photo: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

While Subway is having rodent issues, Cody’s is having roach issues. The Cody’s located at 11270 North 4th Street was ordered to temporarily close due to live roaches.

Inspectors discovered 35 live and dead roaches under a grill on the cook’s line on Tuesday March 14. Roaches were also seen in an oven, on the back wall, and under the food prep table.

Eight months ago in August 2016 Cody’s was warned about the roaches when inspectors found almost a dozen live roaches and over 200 dead in the kitchen.

In their recent failed inspection, live flies were seen on a case of sweet potatoes and 34 violations were documented. Some of those violations included hazardous cold food being held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit, a cross contamination issue between raw chicken and raw salmon, and the hand wash sink not being accessible to employees.

Cody’s released a statement in reference to the inspection, obtained by ABC Action News:

To our Valued Customers,

We at Cody’s take our food safety very seriously.  As the owner of the 4th Street location I take full responsibility for what happened on this occasion. Unfortunately, there was an oven in our kitchen that was out of use and was scheduled to be removed.  It was that piece of equipment that had been overlooked, when doing our own inspections, which led to the violation. The oven was removed and the health inspector returned, inspected and cleared us to open. This location has been a part of this community for almost 20 years. We are fully aware that when we invite you to dine with us we are responsible for your safety and we take that very seriously. I can assure you that this problem has been handled and will not be a concern in the future. 

J. Egan
Cody’s Original Roadhouse
4th Street St. Petersburg