Another ‘Armed Robbery’ At USF

Police Respond To Robbery At University Of South Florida

The University of South Florida is no stranger to police activity. Early Tuesday morning police responded to the USF Tampa campus after a student allegedly robbed a pizza delivery man with a toy gun.

USF responded to Holly Resident Hall around 4 a.m. when the incident occurred.

When they arrived they found the victim who claimed a man approached him with what looked to be a handgun inside of his waistband. The man requested the pizza be free and the driver fled the area and called the police.

Students at USF were alerted to the incident and police investigation through text message.

The alleged prankster, 20-year-old Keion Cantrell, was located by officers. Cantrell lives in the Holly apartments. Police also recovered the toy gun used during the incident.

Cantrell, a student at USF, was arrested and charged with armed robbery. He was transported to Orient Road Jail. No one was in any real danger at any point of the incident, said police.

Crime At USF

This is not the first robbery incident at USF. Back in May 2016 a 23-year-old man was arrested on theft charges in relation to several campus robberies.

Victor Manuel Guerro-Martinez was a suspect in at least four burglaries at buildings throughout the USF campus. He frequently took laptops and other electronics, per USF Police.

The USF area seems to be a high crime area. In just the past week there have been at least 20 reports of some kind of theft activity in the area.

University of South Florida

Beyond robbery incidents, the campus has had some bizarre incidents as well. For a couple of months students, mainly females, were warned of a man exposing himself throughout the parking lots on campus.

Not always the same suspect reported, but USF Police warned students of men flashing other students as they walked by. The suspect was never located.

Though like most colleges, most of these incidents are meant to be harmless pranks.