Massive, Scary Gator Videoed At Polk County Reserve

Is It An Alligator Or A Dinosaur? Massive Gator Passes Through Polk County Reserve

A video of a huge gator crossing a path at a Polk County reserve has gone viral.

The video was taken by Kim Joiner and was posted to Facebook. The gator was spotted at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County.

The video showed photographers on both sides of the path to catch the gator as it walked nice and slow across the path before lowering its body into the water.

“I love Circle B. Nature at its best,” Joiner wrote on her post of the gator.

Since going viral, some Facebook users say the alligator is well-known and nicknamed “Humpback,” because of his large, curvy back.

“Came up shortly after he crossed. Missed by seconds,” said Allisha Lynn in the comments on the Facebook post.

“Bummer. Next time,” replied Joiner.

“It’s fine. Seen humpback at his best many times. Haha,” said Lynn.

Of course there were the few skeptical viewers that wondered if “Humpback” was real or not.


“No photoshop,” Joiner said on Facebook. “He was the biggest gator I have seen out there. I have been going out there for years too,” she said.

Photo: abc action news

There is no exact number on how old the animal is or how much he weighs and how big he is, but still fans were intrigued.

Since the video was posted, Circle B has been filling up with people searching for the massive monster. The parking lot has been filled with people trying to catch a glimpse of the big alligator and get a first hand look at just how big he really is.


The gator is making headlines all over the country now and is a popular search item on Google now. Circle B is located at 4399 Winter Lake Road near Lakeland, Florida.