Clearwater Trucker Charged In Mass Immigrant Deaths In Texas

A Clearwater trucker could face the death penalty after at least 10 illegal immigrants died in the trailer of his 18 wheeler in Texas.

James Bradley, 60, originally told authorities that he had no idea that dozens of illegals from Mexico and Guatamala were in the trailer until he heard yelling from inside when he emerged from a Wal Mart.

Police say Bradley was hired to drive the rig, owned by Pyle Transportation out of Schaller Iowa, to Brownsville Texas on the Mexican border where he would turn it over to a man who had bought it. 

Somehow, thirty or more illegals got into the trailer and Bradley again drove north, stopping at a San Antonio Wal Mart to use the restroom. That’s when he says he made the startling discovery.

So far, ten of the immigrants have died from the sweltering conditions, dehydration, and asphyxiation and some of the dozens more who are hospitalized may also perish.

Oxygen was so scarce inside the closed trailer, that surviving immigrants say they took turns breathing through a hole in the trailer. Bradley is charged with human trafficking and is in jail without bond.