Step Dad May Be Charged In Tragic Death Of 4-Year-Old Boy

The Step Dad Of A 4-Year-Old Who Shot Himself May Be Facing Charges

Over the weekend a four-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed himself in Auburndale. Now his step-father may face a charge of negligence.

The state attorney’s office is currently reviewing the tragic case that happened Friday night.

Charles Hagler, a family friend and neighbor spoke with abc action news and described the impact of four-year-old Avion Weaver, “What happened… was a terrible accident.”

According to investigators, police responded to a medical assist call at 198 Lakeside Hills Loop in Auburndale where a four-year-old was found with a gunshot wound.

Apparently the boy had got a hold of his step-father’s 9MM handgun and shot himself in the face.

“It took a toll on this community. A lot of people don’t realize that but that was a good little boy and those parents were good parents that I know,” Hagler said to abc action news.

The mother’s boyfriend, Demeko Robinson, called 911. The audio of that 911 recording has since been released by Auburndale Police.

“Ambulance. Now!” He shouted.

“Ok, what’s going on there?” The dispatcher is heard asking.

“Please, please, please hurry,” he said.

According to police, Robinson initially told police that the child had hit his head on the table. Police quickly observed that was a lie and found a gunshot wound to Weaver’s face.

Robinson later told police he had stepped outside to talk to friends and that the child must have found his gun.

“The fact that the gun was in a spot that was accessible to him, a four year old, is the main problem here,” said Deputy Chief Andy Ray with the Auburndale Police Department to abc action news.

Detectives found the gun in question out back behind an air conditioner unit. It is believed that Robinson’s deliberate attempt to hide the evidence was due to his knowing he was wrong for not taking better care of the firearm.

“The message is if you’re going to own a gun, be responsible. I can’t put it any other way,” Ray said to abc action news.

As of now Robinson is not facing any charges, but the state attorney’s office may later charge him with negligence.