Michelle Parker’s Ex is Prime Suspect

Orlando police confirmed to 10 News Monday afternoon that the prime suspect in the case of a missing Orlando mother is her ex-fiance, Dale Smith.

Michelle Parker and Smith had a tumultuous relationship, according to the woman’s mother. Parker took out a restraining order on him early on in the relationship.

Meanwhile, Michelle has been missing for nearly two weeks now. She disappeared on November 17 after dropping off her twins at the home of her ex.

Her black Hummer was found the next day.

A $50,000 reward that was offered with a deadline of midnight Sunday has now expired, according to Michelle’s mother. Her mother, Yvonne Stewart, hasn’t slept in days. She has been at the command post in Orlando, where volunteers are lined up and fliers sit in stacks waiting to be taken out for the day.

Even police are staked out at that location in their command unit.

Stewart told 10 News, “Everyone can relate to this. Why hasn’t [Dale’s] family called me?  If they had a missing person in their family,  I’d help to find them.”

Stewart says her suspicions were growing by the day that somehow her daughter’s ex-fiance is involved in this mysterious disappearance.

“I think Dale is the last person to see her. Police have not ruled him out,” said Michelle’s mother. “The family connected to my family won’t help. That’s why I’m mad today.”

Police served a search warrant on the home of Michelle’s former father-in-law over the weekend, sending in the SWAT team.

“I think it was awesome,” Stewart remarked.

Michelle’s mother also admits that there were big problems in the relationship between her daughter and Dale Smith.

“You just never know about someone,” she said.

10 News