Jury Says Guilty to Setting Wife on Fire

The jury said Christopher Hanney is guilty of beating his wife and setting her and their house on fire.

Christopher Hanney was found guilty on all three charges: attempted murder, arson and aggravated battery and he faces life in prison.

Audrey Mabrey, Hanney’s wife, testified on Tuesday that he came after her with a knife, tried to rape her, hit her over the head with a hammer and then set her on fire after she returned home from a jog in 2009.

In closing arguments, attorneys on both sides tried proving their case before jurors began deliberating.

Hanney, a former New York City detective, told jurors he was the victim and that it was his wife was the one who threatened him. He Mabry and a masked man tied up and attacked him and threatend to shoot him.

Hanney told jurors Wednesday his wallet was stolen in the attack and a deputy took the stand and said they actually removed his wallet from his pants to identify him.

Mabrey had also testified about a letter he sent her from jail saying he was sorry for what happened.