St. Johns County Deputies Resign After Domestic Battery Charges

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A St. John County Sheriff’s deputy resigned Monday morning after he was arrested by his colleagues for a charge of domestic battery.

This marks the third instance in the last month that a deputy has resigned or been fired due to allegations of domestic violence. Of the three recent instances, one deputy was fired after an internal affairs investigation and the other two resigned, said The St. Augustine Record.

The Sheriff’s Office spokesman called the string of allegations uncharacteristic for the office. He said having three in a row was not normal.

Ex-deputy Kevin Nickmeyer, 53, was having a four-hour discussion with his wife about their rocky marriage when he got agitated. He shoved his wife against the counter and grabbed and twisted the front of her dress so hard the underwire in her bra broke, hurting her breasts. According to News4Jax, their 11-year-old daughter witnessed the whole thing and caught cell phone video of the incident, which was turned over to investigators. This happened in Flagler County in late December.

The incident was not reported until recently. He is facing a single charge of domestic battery and one count of domestic assault. Nickmeyer resigned and entered a written plea of not guilty to the charges on August 2.

Timothy Robertson, 43, was documented to have slapped his wife in the arm last weekend and shoved her. The arrest report said the incident was witnessed by their children. He was the most recent incident, happening in the early hours of Saturday morning. He resigned Monday. Before the incident he was a traffic deputy with the Sheriff’s Office.

Former corrections officer, David Nogowski, 32, got into an argument with a woman in June. He grabbed her hands and arms, twisting them until he was able to rip her car keys away from her, said the arrest report. He was later fired, because of the incident.