79-Year-Old Woman Robbed Leaving Casino

PLANTATION, Fla.- A 79-year-old woman was robbed this week after returning home from playing bingo at the Seminole Classic Casino in Hollywood.

Police said the victim left the casino Sunday and noticed a white car that appeared to be following her home.

She parked her car in front of her home and got out of the car with her purse and bingo bag around her shoulder.

According to police she was immediately grabbed from behind by a man who wrapped his arm around her head.

The woman said the man forcefully snatched a gold chain from her neck and took her purse and bingo bag. He caused minor injuries to her right eye.

The victim screamed and believed there were other men because she heard the man that grabbed her say something to someone else behind her. Being in fear for her life she said she didn’t turn around.

The men left with the woman’s belongings that included $400 in cash, said the police.

Shortly following the robbery police noticed a white 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis and detained four people inside of the car. Those detained were: Brandon Balom, 24, the driver, Christopher Thomas, 22, the front-seat passenger, Camron Hamilton, 18, who was in the back seat and a juvenile also riding in the back seat.

Police found the victims purse and other belongings inside the car. At one point Hamilton also shouted out, “I have a gun,” which police located in his waistband.

The report stated several Seminole parking passes with Balom’s name were found on the cars dashboard. Police believe the victim was followed from the casino.

Casino security officers and Seminole police are cooperating with Plantation police in this investigation and are handing over any necessary surveillance video that might have captured the suspects on camera.

The men in the car face charges of robbery, grand theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Thomas will face additional charges of battery on a person over 65 and violation of probation. Hamilton faces charges of unlawfully carrying a concealed firearm.