Chris Christie’s Relationship with Jerry Jones Poses Ethical Issues

This ‘Chris Christie-Jerry Jones’ Thing Could Ruin Christie’s Own “Mojo”

As if it wasn’t bizarre enough seeing the the Governor of New Jersey celebrating in the owner’s suite of what’s supposed to be a bitter NFC East rival, the Dallas Cowboys, things got even weirder today. Reports surfaced that Chris Christie actually traveled to watch the Cowboys on Jerry Jones’ dime, which could be a violation of New Jersey ethics rules.

Then, two years ago, Christie pushed for the Port Authority to award a lucrative contract to a company in which Jones is a part owner. The company, Legends Hospitality LLC, was awarded to the project to operate the observation deck of the One World Trade Center. What’s wrong with this picture? A lot, potentially.

Jones said that Christie is part of the team’s “mojo” but this relationship could really threaten Christie’s own mojo if he chooses to make a run at it in 2016.