Andrea Tantaros, Fox’s New ‘It’ Girl

Andrea Tantaros is on 1470 AM from 9-10a Monday – Friday

On weekday mornings, Andrea Tantaros sits in a small, cramped sound studio on the far West Side of Manhattan—the same studio where Bob Dylan and Madonna and Bruce Springsteen recorded hit records. Before she wraps up her three-hour talk-radio show, she makes sure to plug her afternoon gig as a co-host on The Five, Fox News Channel’s evening roundtable program.

By the time Ms. Tantaros appears on that show, five hours later, she is virtually unrecognizable. Instead of a slouchy hat over her ponytail, a long-sleeve black T-shirt covered with a scarf and jeans tucked into flat black boots, Ms. Tantaros wears a brightly colored, tight-fitting dress, makeup and extra-high high heels. Her long brown hair is blow-dried and hair-sprayed into a face-framing mane. She’s ready.

Ms. Tantaros has been one of the hosts of The Five since it launched almost two years ago. The show is billed as a rotating panel of seven contributors (five of whom appear each day at 5, hence the name of the program) who discuss current political issues and pop culture. Each of the co-hosts introduces a segment, and they all weigh in on the other topics while bantering and joking around with each other.

Source: Andrea Tantaros, Fox’s New ‘It’ Girl | Observer.