The NFL Needs To Talk To Jeff Bezos About The Kyrie Irving Situation

The league and Bezos are partners on the Thursday night football streaming show..

No one knows for certain that the National Football League’s Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder is selling his football business. Snyder hired a bank to investigate a possible sale of the business but that doesn’t mean Snyder is ready to part with the franchise. But if he does decide it is time to get rid of the business, there seems to be a line forming with interested parties who would buy the franchise. Bryon Allen, who started out as a comedian then moved into television production and got involved in businesses, is rumored to be interested in the Commanders franchise. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who also happens to be the NFL’s Thursday night video streaming partner might want the business. Bezos’s Amazon Prime video streaming service has a video entitled “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which the National Basketball Association player Kyrie Irving touted in social media. The video features discredited claims such as Jews control the media and that millions of Jews did not die during the Holocaust.

Irving half apologized and was suspended by his employer, the Brooklyn Nets. But the National Football League has been very quiet about Bezos and Amazon. The NFL’s attitude seems to be, it is an NBA problem, we have nothing to do with it. Bezos’s Amazon Prime has had the video up for years and only after the Irving NBA crisis thought about perhaps putting a disclaimer on this movie. And that came only after the Nets organization and the ADL sent a letter to Amazon about the film. Amazon has some sort of review system in place for films and books but the film passed the review and Amazon is making money off of the film and a book of the same name. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to ask Bezos why his company is streaming the film.

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