Take Cover From Tropical Depression Nine

As Tropical Depression Nine makes it way through the Gulf of Mexico Florida residents are bracing for it’s impact.

As of Tuesday afternoon the depression has yet to be named a Tropical Storm. Maintaining 35 mph winds, the depression consists of a lot of thunderstorm activity. Meteorologists thought by Tuesday it would become a Tropical Storm, but now it is looking like it won’t pick up the wind speed it needs to be classified that until Wednesday morning.

As Tropical Depression Nine makes it’s turn in the Gulf to head toward Florida, wind speed is expected to pick up to 50 mph then reach 60 mph before landfall. The depression will bring heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the state before exiting back out into the Atlantic.

The depression is expected to bring 6-8 inches of rain to the Bay Area. Coastal flooding is one of the biggest concerns with this system. The worst weather can be expected Wednesday night through Thursday.

Meteorologists have stressed that the Tropics are hard to predict. According to Hurricane Hunters air crafts, the center of the system is not well-formed.

Another Hurricane Hunter air craft is expected to go back out Tuesday afternoon for another look at the system.

The Gulf Coast will experience high tides and are flooding from the rains. Bay Area fire stations are offering free sand for any residents needing sand bags. It is not clear whether or not school will be open or closed Thursday in Central Florida, but as of now everything is open.

As a safety precaution, Florida residents are urged to stay away from low lying streets that commonly flood. Also use extreme caution if having to travel in the weather. With gusty, 60 mph winds, down power lines and trees could be expected.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Depression Nine is still bringing torrential rain to Cuba. Some areas have already recorded 12” of rainfall.