Tampa Killings Expose Possible Terrorist Intentions

Two men are in jail, two others dead after the New Tampa apartment they shared turned into a murder scene.

Police responded to a unit at The Hamptons at Tampa Palms Apartments on Amberly Drive, where they found Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuk shot to death.

A third roommate, 18 year old Devon Arthurs, admitted killing the two, who are neo-Nazis, because they had disrespected his recent conversion to Islam.

Arthurs also said he wanted to make a bigger statement against anti-Islam sentiment in the U.S. and worldwide.

Arthurs was arrested at a nearby smoke shop where he was holding several people hostage, yelling typical Muslim chants and sayings.

Police eventually managed to talk Arthurs into surrendering.

While investigating the double homicide, police came across a cooler in a garage beneath the apartment containing an explosive known as HMTD. Officers say they also found explosive precursors, electric matches, and empty bullet casings with fuses that could be used as detonators.

That led them to arrest a fourth roommate, neo-Nazi Brandon Russell, on federal explosives charges.

Russell had just returned home two days earlier from U.S. Army National Guard duty.

Also found in the apartment shared by the four, a framed photo of Timothy McVeigh, who was executed for bombing the Oklahoma City federal building, killing 168.

There was also a cache of firearms and ammunition in the unit.

For now, there is no word from investigators what the four planned to do together or individually with all that fire power.