Suspect Arrested In SoHo Robbery

Surveillance Video Leads Police To Suspect

Less than a week after a robbery in South Howard Tampa shook locals, Tampa police have arrested and charged a 32-year-old man with the robbery and kidnapping of a young woman.

Johnathan Troy Rogers of Tampa was arrested without incident in connection to the incident that occurred in the SoHo area last Saturday morning., said police.

Photo: Tampa Police Department Facebook.

“It’s been a safe environment, this year it’s been a true anomaly case, it’s a case we don’t see that this often so when it happens like this we take offense to something like that,” Capt. Ruben Delgado with Tampa police said to abc action news. “As horrific as this was, as horrific as this attack was it was important to get him off the street as quick as we could.”

Though SoHo residents are shocked by this event this is the fourth robbery in the area this year, according to abc action news. Earlier in the year a woman was attacked and hit in the head while jogging, but police say there is no connection between the crimes.


According to police, the woman was returning to her car around 2:10 a.m. after being out with friends when the attack occurred. An unidentified man came up behind her and struck her in the head to the point she lost consciousness. The man then robbed and moved her from the scene, but it’s unclear what exactly was taken.

“A male suspect approached her, violently hit her, pushed her inside the vehicle, and drove away with her inside the car.  He robbed the victim and then left her inside the vehicle,” Janelle McGregor, Tampa Police Department spokesperson, told WFLA.

The attack is unusual for the area. The 900 block of S. Howard, also known as “SoHo,” contains popular businesses like Daily Eats and Green Lemon. The area is also very popular for college students on the weekends.

The woman involved has not been identified. The case remains under investigation and more charges are possible.