Restaurant Owner Seeks Owner Of Cremated Remains

Diner Seeks Owner Of Lost Cremated Remains

A diner owner in DeBary, FL is seeking the owner of some lost and found property left in his diner- the cremated remains of someone’s mother.

Allan Gochal, owner of the DeBary Diner, said a cook for the diner found a small camera film case behind one the diner on Sunday morning.

“We always find refrigerators and freezers and that type of thing,” Gochal said to WKMG-TV. “I was thinking it might be drugs or something, but with the tooth visible inside, we knew it was remains.”

Gochal took to Facebook to describe the object on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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“The ashes (positively human) were in an old 35mm film case, scotch taped with the word ‘MOM’ in ballpoint inscribed on the bottom,” he wrote in a comment on the post, said WKMG-TV.

Gochal hoped someone would see the post and come to get the remains from the restaurant.

“They should really come and get it,” said Carol Hoffer, to WKMG-TV, a diner who was just as shocked as others to see something of such value left behind.

“I think it’s very sad that somebody lost it because if it was mine, I’d want it back,” she said.
Gochal said he has taped up the tiny makeshift urn and will hold it until someone comes to get it, because he knows someone, somewhere is missing it.
“I think they wanted to carry the remains with them. I don’t think they wanted to bury and a lot of people do keep the remains because they’re precious,” Gochal said to WKMG.
If no one comes forward to claim the ashes, he will turn them over to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.
Anyone with information is urged to contact the diner or the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.