Rent Movies For 99 Cents From Amazon And Google

Rent Any Movie For 99 Cents From Amazon And Google

Imagine any movie you want for just 99 cents. Amazon and Google are making that happen for a limited time. You can now rent a movie from the two sites for only 99 cents.

The sites launched this holiday promotion to bring more attention to their online movie rental services, which is a bonus for viewers that can now choose from a fair share of movies to watch.

Here’s how to do it. Go to Google Play and choose any one title for 99 cents, or opt to use Amazon Video instead. Either site is useable, just be sure to use the promo code “Movie99.”

The offer is only good for one movie on both sites, but if you visit both sites then the promo is good for two cheap movies.

The offers on both sites are available until January 23, 2017 so be sure to get those 99 cents before you run out of time.

Since the promo was part of a holiday campaign a lot of movies featured in the selection are Christmas movies, such as Elf. There are other Blockbuster hits though like Finding Dory and Suicide Squad.

But the deal doesn’t end there. If instead of renting you’d like to purchase your movie, Google is offering some new titles 50 percent off. These great deals can spark a great movie date night.

Click here for Amazon movies.

Click here for Google movies.

Instructions for renting movies on Amazon:

Amazon Video – Rent any movie for $0.99

Step 1: Click on the digital movie you wish to rent for $0.99 from the selection below.

Step 2: Click “More Purchase Options” and enter the promotional code “MOVIE99”.

Step 3: Once the promotional code has been applied, click “Rent Movie”. Please note: The onsite pricing will not change, but the discount will still apply. To view the applied discount, go to Your Order History.

Promotional credit expires January 23, 2017 at 11:59pm PST and can only be redeemed once.