Video: Police Pursuit Could Have Turned Deadly

Dramatic video shows a police pursuit in Syracuse, Utah when a 14-year-old by took his grandfather’s car for a joy ride. The video shows kids playing in Founders Park and nearly getting hit by the erratic driver.

It was a quick thinking parent who stopped the car by cutting it off and hitting it.

Here’s more from FOX 13:

The 14-year-old male driving the car is from Sunset and had taken the vehicle from his grandfather in Duchesne County, and the grandfather reported the car stolen, according to a press release from the Syracuse Police Department. Police put out an attempt to locate, and police responded after a tipster spotted the car in Syracuse. The tipster heard the attempt to locate while using a police scanner app on a smart phone.

Bryson Rowley was driving the truck, and he said he intentionally used his truck as a ram rod to stop the fleeing vehicle. Rowley provided the pictures and videos in this story, and though he did not wish to go on camera he said he acted to end the chase because he was afraid for the safety of his and other children at the park.