SeaWorld Responds To Video Of Whale

ORLANDO, FL – SeaWorld is responding to a viral video shot by a Tampa Bay-area man that appeared to show a pilot whale struggling to get back into the water during a show earlier this month.

In a statement to the NBC station in Orlando, SeaWorld said the behavior of the whale was actually normal.

Carlo De Leonibus posted video of the situation online. In the video’s description, it said fans became angry and began yelling “save the dolphin.”

SeaWorld officials said, “The pilot whale shown in the video is not stranded or beached on the ledge at SeaWorld Orlando’s whale and dolphin stadium. The whale was never in danger. This is social and play behavior our trainers see daily and sometimes hourly by the pilot whales. If you listen closely the trainer on microphone is trying to tell the audience just that.”


Source: WFLA