One Direction Fans Scale Balcony, Steal Underwear

1D_LiamPayne_2013One Direction’s tour in Australia has been nothing short of odd, complete with crazed fan-girls (and one 8-year-old boy) who not only stalked the band, but stole Liam Payne’s underwear.

The group scaled Payne’s balcony, where they found an unlocked door and a very confused Liam.

In an interview with an Australian newspaper, one of the fans explained, “They (the undies) were on the balcony…  and so I jumped the fence [around the apartment]. Liam seemed really confused. He didn’t say anything to us directly, he just said, “hey” and looked at us then we legged it.”

The perpetrators were later spotted by One Direction’s security detail on a beach, where fans went in droves to watch the boys surf. Security is considering pressing charges.

The stolen underwear were returned, though not in their former condition. It seems one of the girls was not satisfied with having the boxer-briefs in her custody – she had to wear them too.

Source: Cosmopolitan