NY Psychic Sued By Clients

psychic_sued_2013It is one thing, after having forked over tens of thousands of dollars to a psychic who warned that you had evil spirits blocking your happiness, to become suspicious and demand a refund. And, when that does not happen, to go to the police and swear out a complaint.

But it is quite another thing to sit on a witness stand in Manhattan Criminal Court and testify against the psychic, Sylvia Mitchell, who has been charged with larceny, and to face cross-examination from her lawyer. For two women who accused her of fraud, this week was the first time they were asked, at least publicly, what in the world they had been thinking.

The trial has not seemed to hurt business for Zena. A young man answered the door there on Friday and said Zena was not in. “But her granddaughter is upstairs,” he said, “doing a reading. Can you come back at 3?”

Source: NY Times