Man Wanders Naked In Port Charlotte

It’s probably something you’d never want to see–your neighbor naked! It happened to residents in a Port Charlotte neighborhood and the exposer was caught on tape.

“I saw him out my front window…just walking in the middle of the parking lot,” said neighbor Cheryl Maddern

A free peep show was the last thing residents inside Sunshine Villas in Port Charlotte expected to see outside their front windows Wednesday afternoon, but this surveillance video gives us blurred proof of what many neighbors couldn’t believe.

“Oh my gosh, he didn’t do that, you know. I was shocked. I was pretty shocked, I couldn’t believe he did it,” Maddern said.

Many like Maddern stood stunned. She even went outside to get a closer look.

“He turned around and started walking towards my way, and I told him go home and put some clothes on. The cops have been called,” she said.

The man Cheryl shouted her warning to was 35-year-old Andrew Wilson. You can see Wilson aimlessly wandering with his beer can in hand. Neighbors say he walked around the community in front of children and adults for about twenty minutes.

“He was just walking real slow, he wasn’t being aggressive,” she said.

By the time deputies found Wilson, he had put on shorts. According to his arrest report, he stated he was drunk and walked outside without realizing he was naked. But some neighbors think otherwise.

“I think he knew what he was doing because he had talked about it earlier,” Maddern said.

The proof of Wilson’s crime came when officials looked at the bare facts provided by the complex’s cameras. Deputies saw Wilson in his birthday suit and he was arrested–he now faces possible misdemeanor charges.

source: Associated Press