Man Sleeps With Sharks

shark(CNN) — Imagine you’re sitting at the bottom of the ocean, amidst 500 sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Would you: A.) Swim to the surface as fast as your trembling legs could take you. B.) Find a weapon to arm yourself with. C.) Fall asleep.

Brett McBride fell asleep. For a minute. While hundreds of three-meter-long Galapagos sharks swarmed around him during a feeding frenzy off the coast of Costa Rica.

The 46-year-old shark wrangler doesn’t suffer from some kind of severe narcolepsy. Instead, he was merely proving a point — these fearsome predators aren’t going to be interested in you, if you’re not interested in them.

“It would seem crazy, but it’s not. It really just shows you how bad a rap sharks get. They’re just like any other fish,” said McBride.


Source: CNN