Audio: Is Your House Haunted?

Jim Ryan, ABC News Correspondent, reports from Texas about the new spooky website:


Have you ever wondered if your house was haunted? There’s a website for that. uses a variety of sources to tell users whether anyone has died in their house, and it’s been inundated with thousands of requests since it launched in June.

CEO Roy Condrey created the site after a tenant renting his property in Columbia, South Carolina, informed him the place was inhabited by ghosts.

“It occurred to me that a service which told people who died in their homes before they moved in would be popular,” Condrey told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s harder to find things like this out than you think.”

It seems a little extreme, but with the price tag of $11.99 to register and search your address on the site, it seems like Condrey has found a lucrative way to feed the superstitions of many.

Source: Buisness Insider