Fort Pierce Man Re-arranges Walgreens Beverage Aisle

A man upset because Walgreens doesn’t sell his favorite beverage was arrested after reports he re-arranged merchandise and called an employee a “(female dog)” in absentia.

lloyd_richard_mug.JPGThe boisterous beverage brouhaha began before 3:05 a.m. July 4 at a Walgreens in the 2500 block of Virginia Avenue in Fort Pierce, according to a recently released arrest affidavit.

The manager told Fort Pierce police he saw Richard Lloyd, 60, causing a disturbance with a worker. The manager said he tried to speak to Lloyd, and that Lloyd informed him he was angry because the business doesn’t sell his favorite liquid refreshment.

“This is what you need to sell,” Lloyd is quoted as starting to yell as he presented a bottle of soda. “I want my money back.”

Lloyd approached the manager, demanding a refund for a beverage he didn’t buy.

Lloyd’s favorite beverage wasn’t identified in the affidavit.

Meanwhile, a cashier said Lloyd started yelling profanity toward an employee who wasn’t there.

“Althea is a (female dog),” Lloyd is quoted as saying.

The cashier also said Lloyd took items from shelves and moved them across the store. The cashier asked him to stop, but he continued ferrying stuff around.

Police told Lloyd he was going to leave, to which he responded, “(Sexual intercourse) you (male masturbation), (sexual intercourse) make me.”

Lloyd, of the 2400 block of South 25th Street in Fort Pierce, was arrested on disturb peace and resist officer without violence charges.

source: Associated Press