Florida Man Turns Home Into “Naked Hangout Club”

Apparently one can’t run a bed & breakfast in a residential neighborhood without a permit in Cocoa, Fla. But what about a “naked hangout club”? That’s the proposition one man there is putting to the test and (as seen in the video above) his neighbors are unhappy about it.

naked hangout club backyard, cocoa flaTheir complaints range from the practical — too many cars across the street (somewhere between 280 and 300 in the past month alone, they say) — to the moralistic — the guests are reportedly gay men, and one resident of the subdivision said that the sounds that she’s heard coming from the property (pictured at left) sicken her.

Unfortunately for the Alta Vista Hilltop Retreat — the naked hangout club’s formal name — charging guests to stay would push the enterprise into the realm of illegality. Though, according to Orlando TV station WESH, “An ad lists $99 per night ‘rent’ and boasts amenities that include a clothing-optional pool.” (AOL Real Estate found the Alta Vista Hilltop Retreat advertised at Airbnb as well as several other travel sites, including a listing as a bed & breakfast at AOL Travel.) However, the TV station quotes the man as saying that he doesn’t charge for rooms.


Source: AOL