2 Men Rescue Moose-Eating Shark

The beached Greenland shark discovered by Derrick Chaulk. (Derrick Chaulk)

Two men successfully rescued a beached shark on the coast of northeast Newfoundland, Canada. Derrick Chaulk was driving in Norris Arm North when he saw what he thought was a beached whale.

As reported by CBC News, when he left his vehicle and got closer, he saw that it was a Greenland shark that was still alive and estimated it measured approximately 8 feet and weighed 33 pounds. Greenland sharks are rare in that area but what also seemed unusual was that the animal had a large moose hide sticking out of its mouth.

About the hide Derrick told CBC, “It had the fur and all the liner on it — it was about two feet long, maybe.”

Source: Yahoo News