The College Playoffs Will Get More Teams

And more money.

It appears that the poohbahs of college football are ready to expand the college football’s playoffs to find the real and undisputed college football champion. The College Football Playoff Management Committee plans to discuss the scheme and it is expected that soon college football will see an expansion of the present four-team field to 12 teams. The 12-team playoff would see the top six conference champions and six at-large teams put into the playoffs. The proposal would call for no limit on the number of selections from a conference, and no conference would receive an automatic bid. The extra games mean that more money will flow into college football and it also means that players will play more football and not get paid for the games. The college football and college sports bosses really don’t want players to be paid and hearings have been held by Congress to address that issue as states have passed laws which allow players to make money off of their faces.

The bosses are college and university chancellors and presidents. They decided it was fine to play sports where athletes are merely interchangeable performers who get a college scholarship which entitles them to maybe go to classes in exchange for playing. Almost everyone who is involved in big time college sports gets paid. The pilots of the planes that take teams to game, paid. The bus drivers, paid. Hotels, paid. The head of security and the security staff at venues, paid. Corporate officials give money to the people who own the buildings to get their name on facilities. TV and radio people pay to broadcast the game. The announcers and production crew get paid. Marketing partners who want to be associated with the game pay for that right. The players, the stars of the show, do not get paid.

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Fans pose with the College Football Playoff championship trophy, Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021, along Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)