Daniel Snyder Could Be Selling His Washington NFL Franchise

Snyder is under investigation for sexual harassment and questionable financial practices.

The National Football League’s Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder may or may not have his business up for sale. There could be a new investigation  by federal prosecutors with the U.S. attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Virginia  of the business’s finances and criminal misconduct. Snyder’s business is being investigated by the House of Representative’s  Oversight Committee and by the NFL for sexual harassment and financial misconduct. But Snyder is not yet selling his business nor is the NFL forcing him out. At least not at the moment although that could change in a hurry. Snyder did hire Bank of America to explore “potential transactions.” Snyder’s business is worth billions of dollars and because it is located in the nation’s capital area, if Snyder decides to sell the business, he should be able to get more than $4.6 billion which was the reported sale price of the Denver Broncos franchise to Walmart heir Rob Walton earlier this year.

Snyder has been investigated by the league for sexual harassment and for having a hostile workplace. The special investigator’s report has never been released to the public. Snyder was fined $10 million and suspended from running his football team on a day-to-day basis but his wife Tanya was allowed to take over her husband’s duties. It is unclear if that suspension is still in effect. The Washington, D.C. Attorney General’s office is nearing the end of its investigation of the way Snyder ran his business. It is unclear though what the D. C. Attorney General’s office can do as Snyder’s business is not located in the District, the games are played in Landover, Maryland and the business’s headquarters are in Virginia. Snyder’s business remains popular in the District, Maryland and Virginia beltway area. People still flock to games, Snyder’s marketing partners have not fled. But something is happening with Snyder.

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