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Has Bob Buckhorn Done Enough On Bayshore?

For a long time before a mother and her infant were killed by kids in an illegal street race on Wednesday, people have known how dangerous Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa can be.  Residents have complained.  Studies have been conducted.  Until Friday, however, nothing had been done. 

Chris Ingram Talks With Bob Buckhorn on Transportation, Rays

Mayor Bob Buckhorn of Tampa joined Chris Ingram on Monday morning to discuss the state of transportation in Tampa, as well as the Tampa...

Live coverage of the “Morning after Irma hits the Tampa Bay...

Speaking this morning on MSNBC the mayor of Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, talked about warning his city's 377,000 residents to get ready for Hurricane Irma's wrath. He talked about a press conference where on Thursday when he warned his city's residents that "We are about to get punched in the face by this storm.