Saturday, September 24, 2022



Japanese craftsmanship turns waste plastic into fashion

New label WAySTEaD is using Japanese artisans to turn global plastic waste into streetwear (PRESS-RELEASE) Designer Hideyuki Hayashi is turning nylon from hot air balloons,...

2020 Fashion: Innovative designers lead the way on sustainability

[youtube] LONDON (AP) —Innovative fashion designers are turning to such things as horseradish and nettles to make sustainable clothing and accessories to the delight...

News Talk Florida’s Weekly Planner Includes Convention, Cars, Coffee

Summer is really heating up, and that means some typical hot weather options are in the offering this week in our Weekly Planner.  It's time to get inside, maybe have a drink or two, and take in some of the indoor fare that Tampa Bay has to offer.  For those willing to brave the heat, there is a concert in Vinoy Park, and a historic walking tour.

Greek drama: Chanel recreates Parthenon for Paris show

0 PARIS (AP) — Karl Lagerfeld climbed Mount Olympus for inspiration in creating Chanel’s latest resort collection, presenting a spectacular Grecian-themed show to a celebrity...

Met Gala: Inside, it’s hard not to step on someone’s dress

0 NEW YORK (AP) — A thunderous drumbeat echoed through the cocktail reception at the Met Gala. Either an earthquake was hitting the Upper East...