Tea Partiers Angry Over Christie’s Possible 2016 Presidential Bid

Chris_Christie_2013New Jersey Gov. Christie (R) was reelected by a landslide last week, securing a 22-point lead over Democratic opponent Barbara Buono and nabbing 32 percent of Democrats, according to exit polls.

But even before the governor’s reelection was announced, speculation surrounding a potential 2016 presidential bid began to surface. Now, Christie is facing the ire of far-right conservatives who can’t stand the thought of a moderate conservative in the White House.

“We’re so frustrated with all this Christie talk we can’t see straight,” Scott Hofstra, an active Tea Party member from Vine Grove, Ky., told the New York Times. “He’s no more conservative than [Democrat and Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid.”

Chuck Henderson, a Tea Party member from Manhattan, Kan., voiced similar concerns.

“He won his re-election, bully for him, but for him to make the jump up the next rung of the ladder, well, he’s not going to find any support from the people I mix with,” Henderson told the New York Times.

Source: Huffington Post