Will Trump Supporters Defend Themselves?


Who will pull the trigger?

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We’re all familiar with the anti-Trump forces protesting at Donald Trump’s events. Actually, it’s not so much about protesting, as much as it is about inciting a riot. Such events have been well covered by the press which have shown scenes of demonstrators in California waving Mexican flags and burning American flags. Recently, a young woman, who was a Trump supporter, tried to talk to the demonstrators and was attacked for wearing a Trump shirt.

Some of the demonstrators are from liberal organizations bent on defeating Donald Trump in the November election. Not surprising, their tactics are well choreographed. The protesters do not like Trump and do not believe he is entitled to 1st Amendment rights of free speech. In fact, they blame him, not them, for causing the disruptions as a provocateur. Make no mistake, this is anarchy in action. Emmett Rensin, an editor at Vox, a liberal on-line publication, tweeted the following on Friday, June 3rd: “Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.”

Whereas the left wants to incite a disruptive incident, the Trump supporters are restraining themselves, for now. Such hatred only hurts the left in the eyes of Independent voters.

Now let’s imagine a scenario where a Trump supporter is cornered by angry demonstrators threatening physical harm, and let’s suppose said person is lawfully carrying a concealed weapon. Should the victim feel severely threatened, it would not be surprising for the person to draw their weapon on the anarchists. However, if the person pulls the trigger and discharges the gun, a titanic media storm will ensue much like what we saw in Ferguson and Baltimore. Even if the person was correct in using the gun to protect him/herself, it will be immaterial in the eyes of the media. The press will use this incident to slam Trump, claiming he and his supporters are out of control, and the effect could be catastrophic for the Trump campaign. This is precisely the type of incident the left is hoping for, and why they will keep encouraging it.

Should gun fire erupt on one side, it is also likely the other would return fire thereby causing a battleground even the police wouldn’t be able to stop.

This is why it is important for Trump supporters to maintain their composure and do not do anything drastic. Again, Independent voters will see the rioters for what they are: anti-American thugs and criminals. By realizing this, they will likely vote for the Republican candidate.

Let’s hope nobody pulls the trigger during this presidential campaign, particularly at the party conventions.

Keep the Faith!