Why Donald Trump Must Fail

By Jim Watkins

Even as I write this I know there is bound to be a revolt among my primary listeners and readers who have heard me say several times Trump deserves much more respect than he has received by the press and by the pundits who have insulted Trump throughout his campaign.

But here is the fact. The Donald has been tapping in to the so-called “anger” of the American people for the last eight years of Obama’s presidency. History may indeed show that in an attempt to create positive change in America, Obama has crippled healthcare, jobs and lastly, the very morale of this country. America was a great country, now we are divided as never before and it stinks to high heaven.

For those who have put up with Obama tinkering with the foundations of America’s fundamental principles (including the free market and its entrepreneurial spirit), we are right to be angry. But anger is never a great motivator, and it is foolish for us to believe one man can make all things right again in the universe. The Left believed in the cult of personality and gave Obama unbridled powers. This is NOT how our country is supposed to operate, and I fear we are about to make the same mistake twice if we elect another ideologue who thinks he knows better.

After watching the Liberty speech Trump gave, it occurred to me we need a Jesus and not a Paul. Trump is a Paul, a rough and tough negotiator, an in-your-face all-or-nothing personality who will be driven by emotion.

We need a Jesus, someone who is patient and treats people with respect, someone who uses wisdom to solve problems, not strong-armed tactics.

We need someone who will finally bring people together to find solutions, not another demagogue who shouts “it’s my way or the highway!”

I can say without reservation Marco Rubio and Chris Christie seem to have the right blend of integrity and smarts, they are likeable, but firm and they seem to understand and represent American values, while neither seems abhorant to the progressive left.

And neither of these men seem to want to use America as a grand sociology experiment to see how much they can, in the words of our current president, fundamentally change America, as do many of the others on both the Dmocratic and Republican ticket.

Trump, while a very successful businessman, will not inspire the world, and the world needs America to lead right now more than ever.

Make Trump a trade Czar, that’s where he would do us the most good. But with regard to our next president, let’s find someone who shares Jesus-like principles, not in-your-face Pauline principles that created tension among the other leaders.

Jim Watkins is the host of Your Wakeup Call on NewsTalkFlorida.com in Tampa Bay.