Walker Out of GOP Race

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is set to hold a news conference at 6 pm ET.

According to the New York Times, which is citing three un-named Republican sources, Walker no longer sees a clear path to winning the GOP nomination.

According to the Times, money is a major source behind Walker’s decision. The man who defeated Democrats and Unions on three separate accounts in Wisconsin, desperately needs a big showing in Iowa, but lacks the funds to fully impact the primary.

Pundits constantly remind us that the current polls “don’t mean a thing”. Apparently, they do because two current or former state governors — Walker and Rick Perry of Texas — have dropped out of the race in the past two weeks.

With a candidate field that swelled to 17, money and resources were always going to be a challenge for any candidate that was not supported early or did not get out of the gate quickly.

Walker’s swift fall from the race could be ranked as unexpected. He registered as a non-Establishment and Tea Party favorite before Donald Trump cannonballed into the pool. Walker defeated huge Democrat and Pro-Union forces to win his first election, a re-call and his second election. Both parties poured millions of dollars into an anti-Walker campaign as he fought against state unions, teachers and pensions in what has been a deep-blue state.

But Walker failed to deliver in the first GOP debate on Fox News. With Trump and Jeb Bush dominating the scene, Walker did not capitalize on the few speaking opportunities he received. He delivered stilted campaign rhetoric that did not fit the maverick persona he portrayed early in his campaign.

Union supporters and those who fought against Walker’s in-state campaigns will no-doubt rejoice over the prospect of not having him in the White House.