Donald Trump Deserves Respect — Not Fear

By Jim Watkins

Most recently, the word “dangerous” started being used by some members of the media and the press (as well as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton) to describe Donald Trump supporters.

There are many adjectives one could use to describe Trump and his supporters, but “dangerous” shouldn’t be one of them, unless of course your goal is to misrepresent and stereotype a large group of Americans as somehow being fanatical.

When a house is on fire, do you describe the owner of the home as “fanatical” when trying to call for help? When a mother is trying to save her drowning child and screams for help, is she being “dangerous?”

Those who misunderstand Trump supporters also don’t understand why these people are truly concerned by the stark reality of what is America in 2015.

We have had least a dozen attacks by radicals in the U.S., and those are the ones we know about, in less than two years and on our soil; over 40 people have died, hundreds more injured, and our sitting President refuses to tighten the border, our vetting system is flawed, not to mention our economy is anemic and is fueling the rage between black and white, the have’s and the have-nots, in part due to Obama’s failed fiscal policies, and further, through our national debt, we now have a government that is straddling every man, woman and child in these United States with a $40,000 tax bill that is rising by the day. Meanwhile, as many as 3,000 people a month are seeping through our southern border, bringing with them poverty, poor health, crime and a financial drain on our resources.

It is because Trump has dared to talk frankly and honestly about these issues that those on the sensitive left have decried Trump – and his supporters- as dangerous. After all, life is good under the Obama administration, isn’t it? Obama has been a fine president. How can anyway challenge this? Except that it isn’t true. The facts do not bear out. There is more poverty under President Obama, more black on black crime, less transparency from the White House, and more national insecurity than since 9/11. The dwindling middle class is pissed, now that would be the appropriate adjective.

It is because Trump supporters are upset about how things really are – and even equally worried what four more years of the Obama-Clinton social policy will create for the middle class in America, now the minority class. One liberal writer from the Daily Beast said that Trump represents the attempt to protect so-called “white privilege.” What privilege is there in losing your income, having to pay more for healthcare, and feeling less safe in your neighborhood?

Who is more dangerous: the person who wants to call the fire department when a fire erupts in the neighborhood, or the person who thinks someone is having a bar-b-que and says everything will be alright?

CBS, MSNBC and ABC have routinely depicted Trump and his band of supporters as “overtly white” and not in the mainstream. That’s double-speak for “fringe’ – the crazies. After all, who in their right mind would want to support a very successful businessman with a long track-record of success and who truly believes America can be great again? Perhaps that is a crazy idea to the left, for this would mean someone actually loves their country and doesn’t want to lose it.

Do you pause to consider that as the Las Vegas GOP debates are going on, not two-miles away, Donald J. Trump the only candidate that actually owns a multi-million dollar skyscraper on the Las Vegas strip. That says a lot about the man.

Donald Trump deserves a lot more respect from the press and other commentators in the media – any of whom would love to hitch a ride home on his private jet.

To this observer, I find it more dangerous when large groups of people call successful people insane or fanatical because they managed to make something out of their life. That is just plain un-American.

Jim Watkins is the morning host of Your Wake Up Call on AM 820 News in Tampa. Follow him on Twitter @jimthetalker.

Allison Leslie is a University of South Florida graduate with a bachelors degree in Mass Communications. She joined Genesis in 2016. With a passion for sports, Allison has interned with 620 WDAE, Pewter Report, Trifecta Team: St. Petersburg Bowl, Bullscast, and many other publications. Being a native to the Bay Area, she has followed and supported Tampa Bay teams her whole life.