Trump: A Shift in the Race


A new respect for the GOP Nominee.

(May 26th, 2016) – The Associated Press today reported Donald J. Trump has secured the minimum number of delegates needed to win the Republican nomination on the first ballot of the GOP convention in July. This sent shock waves through the media and both parties as it had been expected he wouldn’t win until the last round of primaries on June 7th.

President Obama, attending a G7 meeting in Japan, claimed world leaders are “rattled” over the possibility of a Trump presidency. He went on to accuse Trump of being naive and ignorant of world affairs.

To recognize his clinching of the GOP nomination, Trump held an impromptu press conference in Bismark, North Dakota, where he was on the campaign trail.

Trump started by saying it is good the world leaders are “rattled” by his nomination because they will no longer have their way with the United States due to Obama’s weak policies and leadership. Trump said he didn’t mind the president’s words but claimed, “he shouldn’t be airing his difficulties out loud.” He went on to accuse the president of being “incompetent” and stated, “he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing.”

During the press conference, Trump was also asked about the possibility of having a female Vice President, of which he made no commitment as his search was still on-going. He also made it clear he wasn’t going to release his taxes until the IRS finished auditing them.

Trump spent considerable time explaining the goal of the country should be to seek “energy independence” and, if elected, would approve the Keystone pipeline, promote the use of coal, and allow fracking. By doing so, Trump portrayed the country as a merchant of energy as opposed to just a consumer.

In watching the conference I observed a shift in attitude by the press. They may still not like him, but there appears to be new respect as it is now apparent there is no stopping Trump from securing the Republican nomination. Whereas there used to be nothing but antagonistic questions, now there was a new sound of respect in their voices.

When asked about his upcoming debate with Senator Sanders, Trump plainly stated, “Bernie is not going to win.” The press laughed, but Trump is taking the debate seriously, as he has throughout the campaign.

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