The Numbers Are In From Last Night’s Debate



What the main street media doesn’t want you to know –  By boycotting the Fox debate, Donald Trump effectively gave the press a black eye. Whereas, the media would have you believe Trump made a horrible mistake last night by not attending the debate, the reality is he knocked Fox News down by greatly reducing their audience size. Whereas the first Fox News GOP debate had a record 24 million viewers, last night’s debate was cut nearly in half to 12.5 million. Let me repeat that, by nearly HALF. The press will try to spin the numbers to make it seem Trump lost, but the reality is he hurt their viewership greatly. This will inevitably send shock waves not just through Fox but the rest of the media. To illustrate, CNN was charged with carrying the Trump veterans rally, something they didn’t zealously pursue. Only a few minutes into Mr. Trump’s presentation, talking heads suddenly interrupted him, thereby prohibiting viewers from listening to the rest of the presentation including other candidates attending the rally, specifically Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. By doing so, viewers either switched off the CNN coverage or found it elsewhere, such as on C-Span. Bottom-line, the media was the real loser last night, something they cannot possibly admit in fear it might happen again. The public already has a low opinion of the press, but this will only make it worse. Because Mr. Trump is self-funded, he can get away with this while others must dance to someone else’s tune. By doing so, last night was an event historians will talk about for many years to come.

Even though the press has been attacking Mr. Trump for quite some time, we can now expect an all out war. We will inevitably hear slanderous accusations and outright falsehoods about him. What the press does not seem to grasp is that Mr. Trump has awoken the American people, regardless of their political parties, thereby becoming more sympathetic to his cause and urging him to take on the media. Because of Trump, more people have become interested in this election cycle than before which will likely result in a substantial turnout in November. Yes, this is very big. The media will not tell you this, they cannot.

Keep the Faith!

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