Should Hillary Be Eligible for White House?

The Found Fathers exhaustively sought ways to avoid tyranny and dynastic rule as they assembled the working parts of the American government.

The notion of checks and balances, the three branches of government, representation by and for the American public, worked as tools to help keep power in check for a large portion of America’s history.

But with Hillary Clinton running for office, the country finds itself in uncharted territory yet again with the wife of a former — and two-term — president vying for a place in the Oval Office.

Mrs. Clinton would become the first First Lady to achieve the highest office in the land and her former president husband Bill will assume the new role of what? First Sir? First Mister? First…what?

Together, the Clintons clearly serve as the ultimate political power couple. Or are they?

Consider Argentina where Nestor and Cristina Kirchner combined to rule the country for 12 years.

“Throughout their 12 years in office, the Kirchners have been dogged by accusations of corruption, which have badly eroded Fernández de Kirchner’s popularity and legitimacy. Things have only gotten worse in recent years. Discontent and distrust have grown under Kirchnerist statism, with its apparent reluctance to protect private property, and alleged propensity to favour government cronies with subsidies and contracts.

Conflicts with the media and opposition media groups have also led Argentine investigative reporter Jorge Lanata to investigate a possible network of international bank accounts and unaccounted wealth connected with the state.

Things reached a fever pitch when prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment on January 18, 2015. His body was discovered just hours before a judicial inquiry was expecting to examine claims that Fernández de Kirchner and her foreign minister, Héctor Timerman, tried to cover up Iran’s role in the country’s deadliest ever terrorist attack. Nisman’s case against Fernández de Kirchner and Timerman was dismissed on February 2, but it dealt a heavy blow to the government’s credibility and authority.” — The

In order to capture the White House Hillary will need to overcome the current email scandal, explain Benghazi and deal with continued discrepancies around the Clinton Foundation, the sale of uranium to the Russians and other hot topics.

Is it worth it? And should the Constitution be amended to prevent power couples from taking up residence in the White House for potentially four total terms?

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