Shapiro: What if Dems Gave Up Guns?’s Senior Editor Josh Shapiro presents thought-provoking statistics on gun control.

After the murder of a television reporter and her cameraman in Virginia, the typical, slogan-like call to ban all guns from America — thereby striking down the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution — have once again tsunami-ed across the media and social sphere.

Amazing how President Obama’s response to this crime went right to gun control over other obvious issues. How the gun was blamed instead of the person. This was quite the opposite reaction from other cases.

Shapiro decided to look at cities where Democrats are solidly, automatically elected and gun control exists.
Here’s what he said:

“If Democrats and their supporters truly want to fight gun crime, and they truly believe that less guns directly correlates to less gun homicide, there is a simple way they could do so: they could give up their guns. Bryce Williams was a leftist who was chastised by management for wearing a Barack Obama sticker during on-air election coverage.

But he’s just one example of gun crime in the Democrat-supporting world. From 2009-2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 26,632 firearm-related homicides took place in the United States. The CDC investigated the number of firearm-related homicides in the 50 most populous U.S. cities; all but six of those cities were located in counties which would go on to vote for Barack Obama in 2012. In those cities, 13,014 firearm-related homicides took place.

In other words, just by confiscating all the guns from all the people in the most populous Democratic cities–by following the Democratic theory that less guns mean less gun crimes–the American gun murder rate would drop by half. And that doesn’t even count all murders from all Democrat-supporting areas in the country.

Obviously, that wouldn’t work–virtually all the major Democratic cities already have gun control, and the Democratic-area murder spree continues. But the media will never discuss where most murders actually occur, or who actually commits them. That would be inconvenient to the Democratic narrative that gun crime does not center in any location–that a gun is dangerous in and of itself, no matter who wields it.”

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